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Benjamin Bogosian: Hang Drum Musician

Happy August! This month I met an incredible musician who has a plays the hang drum, an ethereal, melancholic sound that bewitches everyone that hears it. I learned about his vast travels, how he creates music and listened to his playing while we met at the beach for an interview.

Thanks for sharing Benjamin!

When and how did you start the hang drum?
I was in the middle of the desert in Utah working with wilderness therapy and a friend showed me the drum and I was instantly interested. I had never drummed before I bought mine in 2007. 


What does your music express?
It means theme, meditation, and authenticity.

Where were you when you wrote your first song?
8 years ago in Liberty Park, I was in Salt Lake City.

If your music was a place, where would it be?
It would be imaginary. A mixture of 3 different places being the Caribbean, Nepal, and New Orleans.

Where do you draw inspiration for your music?
It comes within faded memories, experiences, and people

What is your favorite place that you’ve travelled to?
Kangra Valley in India from being with the refugees. Tibetan buddhism had a huge impact on me.


If you could collaborate with any other musician, dead or alive that you haven’t played with yet, who would it be?
I would love to create music with my sister more than anything. But to answer the question correctly, a friend in Portugal Nuno Moreno.

What inspires you every single day?
True hearted community. People coming together at farmers markets with rooted foods. Feeling embedded with the people on Earth surrounding me.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a musician?
I would be in back Portugal working with youth and ecology which is what I primarily do.

What’s next for you? What are you currently working on/excited about?
I'm working on making my music available to people without having to pay me.

What makes your soul alive?
Authentic human connection that exemplifies trust and truth. Community overcoming the patterns of society.