Montgomery Sheridan


Grand Point North

Grand Point North Festival

Montgomery Sheridan

I was lucky enough to score a last minute ticket to Burlington's own Grand Point North festival yesterday afternoon. I grabbed my camera, and off I went to the waterfront. Upon arriving, I was happy to see all the smiling faces even though the skies were giving us some rain. I got to catch some talented musicians including Spirit Family Reunion, Marco Benevento, Greensky Bluegrass, The Flaming Lips, and lastly Grace Potter. Greensky Bluegrass played a cover of Bob Marley's Could You Be Loved which was SO outstanding, Wayne Coyne entered the crowd in his famous hamster ball, and Marco Benevento charged the crowd with his piano. Here are some photos from  last night :)

Overall, I was really impressed! Grace has a powerful voice that carried all the way across Lake Champlain and put on quite the show. You'll for sure catch me down at the Waterfront for next years Grand Point North. What was your favorite part?